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This is my introductory post for the VC’s blog.  I have now been at CSU for two months and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  CSU being the large and interesting place that it is, I still have a lot to see.  However, it has been very exciting to me to meet a large number of staff and hear people talk about their work.

In this period I have visited the campuses at Bathurst, Canberra, Dubbo, Olympic Park Sydney, Orange and Wagga.  Albury was to be Monday but the current weather means that will now unfortunately have to be deferred.  Goulburn, Manly and Ontario as well as other sites will also come later.

I have met staff from a wide range of areas and there are terrific things happening ranging from the staff at the Centre for Indigenous Studies, Dentists, Paramedics and Theologians through to the School of Policing. CSU has an extraordinarily rich academic profile.

I have been really struck by how passionate both students and staff are about our university.  I recognise how important CSU is to its communities and I appreciate the privilege of taking this role on.

I recognise we still have a lot of work to do.  On the course profile side we will continue our push for a medical school and if you support the cause and you haven’t yet ‘liked’ please get on and do so.  We are also looking at the viability of engineering and I got strong support for that idea from local industry leaders recently so we will have to see if the numbers stack up.

We are working on improving halls of residence including refurbishment works at Bathurst prior to the start of this term. We also need to make our student support services and systems as good as they can possibly be and there is a lot of effort going into this.

My aim is to use this blog as a regular place to provide updates so I hope you will continue reading and posting.  I am also on twitter @drpievann although have been a fairly infrequent tweeter to this point; will see if I can do better in the future.

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